Who I Am | Caelan Thakur

I am the creator of this Futbol Equity journalistic blog site. I am a rising high school senior, a lifelong soccer player, swimmer, boxer and an ardent fan of “le futbol”.

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Read more about our interviews with various futbol talents, authors, and supporters. Interviewees include Kely Nascimento DeLuca, Pele's daughter, Victor Dadras, urban designer and educator, and Susie DeLellis Petrucelli, author and Title IX advocate.

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Caelan's Goals

  • Interviews
    By interviewing key actors and participants in the world of soccer and public design, I highlight both equity shortcomings and advocacy efforts.
  • Research
    Interviews and research highlights a network of soccer players and enthusiasts who are responding to inequity in the sport.
  • Commentary
    Thoughtful commentary builds awareness of equity issues and paves the way for community engagement so that people are not just talking about equity issues, but working to bridge equity gaps.
  • Ambassadors
    Ambassadors actively embrace gender and design equity. They commit to allyship and advocacy efforts, whether they are soccer players or just fans.

Our Ambassadors

Learn more about our ambassadors, a talented group of individuals driven to create positive change.

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